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Highland Park Animal Hospital was originally established in 1946 by Dr. Robert Carlton under the name of Carlton Dog & Cat Hospital. Dr. Cleland took over the practice in January of 1986 and since then changed the name to Highland Park Animal Hospital to approximate its location.

Dr. Cleland received a Bachelor of Science degree from Bucknell University, a Master of Veterinary Science at The Pennsylvania State University, and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from The University of Pennsylvania. In between his undergraduate and graduate studies, Dr. Cleland served on active duty with the US Navy, advancing to Patrol Plane Commander of the P-3 Orion Antisubmarine Warfare aircraft.

We believe in personalized service, which is not typical in multi-doctor practices, where you cannot be sure which veterinarian you will see on each visit.  We are a companion animal veterinary hospital, with main emphasis on dogs & cats, and occasionally small mammals, and reptiles.  We offer many services and capabilities listed below:

  • Spaying and neutering with electrosurgical equipment
  • Annual tooth scaling with high-speed dental equipment
  • Digital radiographic equipment
  • Ultrasound equipment
  • EKG equipped for pre-operative screening/monitoring and diagnostics
  • In-house blood testing equipment
  • In-house infectious disease/parasite diagnostics

Our kennel attendants manage the boarding area 7 days a week and during the summer months, several work-study students from Upper Darby High School volunteer their services. We believe in the betterment of the neighborhood and encourage the youth to learn a hard work ethic at our practice. Our appointment schedule is varied during the week, allowing access to medical care for just about all hours between 9AM and 8PM weekdays, and appointment hours with the Dr. morning, afternoon, and evening.  If situations occur beyond the scope of this practice, referrals to specialty veterinary care will be encouraged. We offer boarding of all small and exotic animal species.  The facility is air-conditioned, and tended daily.  We also have the luxury of a large 1500 sq ft grassy exercise yard for dogs, where each boarder is allowed to exercise individually 3 times daily.  You will not find this feature in any of the veterinary facilities in the local area.  All boarders are treated as if they are family members. We also offer bathing and grooming 5 days a week by appointment.  Although our groomers are not board certified, they are very good, and will coordinate their efforts with your inputs and desires.  Grooming of fractious, or unwilling pets is easily accomplished with professionally administered sedation.